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Maling factory - click to enlargeMaling pottery was produced, first in Sunderland and later in Newcastle upon Tyne, from 1762 to 1963. Initially, there is little to distinguish Maling ware from that of any other local factory in north east England.

However, the discovery of a way to make jars and other containers by machine brought major income. (Customers included Keillers marmalade and Ringtons tea.) This allowed the opportunity to expand the production of decorated wares.

As an example, china was imported from Staffordshire and Limoges. This china was then decorated in Newcastle and sold on under the Maling name.

In the early 20th century, the pottery also used the trade name of "Cetem" (a phonetic spelling of the initials CTM - CT Maling & Sons).

Later, the production of elaborate lustred wares, under the guidance of Art Director Lucien Boullemier, prompted the pottery to adopt the advertising slogan of: "the Trademark of Excellence". Today's collectors agree that the best of Maling's wares can easily stand comparison with the products of their more famous contemporaries.

For more information and photographs of Maling ware, please see the History pages.
Our regular A to Z updates will lead you further into the world of Maling.

About the Society...

The Collectors' Society is a research body which aims to rediscover as much as possible about the history and wares of this prolific company. If you or a member of your family have a connection with Maling, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Our achievements to date include:

  • The recovery of Maling moulds, sold off when the factory closed in 1963. These have been successfully used at our collectors' days to demonstrate how Maling ware was made
  • A professionally-made DVD of Maling workers casting and decorating pots and recalling their time at the pottery (free to view or download)
  • A series of informative newsletters (available via the menu on your left)
  • An appearance on BBC Television's "Flog It!" programme, in which we publicised the quality and collectability of Maling
  • NEW - Catalogues for charity. Help vulnerable young people in the north east and get a piece of Maling memorabilia. See "C is for Cafe..." in our A to Z.

In 2010 the decision was taken to conduct our activities online, and there is no longer a PO Box address, formal membership or paperwork! We continue to benefit from the active support of Maling, Boullemier and Carling family members, former employees, and Steven Moore, author of "Trademark of Excellence" (TMOE). Add a few experienced reserve players - historians, collectors, etc - and this is our team.

Please note that the society does not buy, sell or offer valuations. For books on Maling, please see our Links page.

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