A to Z Anthology - First Course

As the Society no longer produces newsletters, we will post items of interest here.


Potage prepared and served by
- David Holmes (your Chef de Cuisine) -
- David Johnson (your Maitre D') -
Bon appetit!
New items are added under Second Helpings and Potage à Trois .

Q is for Queen F is for Fishy S is for Shell(e)y M is for
F is for Family Tree P is for Printing
B is for Boardwalk R is for Rare
P is for Pint Pot C is for Cobble(r)s  
...a load of old
J is for Jelly U is for Used
V is for Variations
on a Theme
S is for School  
(teachers wanted)
M is for Mark T is for Teatime
L is for Lay
Lady Lay
W is for Waving  
NOT Thumbprint!
E is for Errors &
C is for Cheap...
or Costly


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