Maling history

The following pages will give a brief history of Maling ware and of the factory itself. Please bear a few points in mind.

For some 200 years, Maling were adept at following popular taste - from simple 18th century domestic wares, to packaging for items such as Keillers marmalade or Ringtons tea; from Victorian decorum, to 'Jazz Age' exuberance and beyond.

There is no such thing as a 'typical' piece of Maling, though many pieces are typical of the age in which they were produced.

By the time the pottery closed in 1963, the pattern books showed that over 16,500 designs had been produced (and pattern numbers were not introduced until relatively late in the factory's life).

Because most of these pattern books and Maling's archives were sold off as scrap paper when the factory closed, we don't know what all 16,000+ looked like. What we do know is on this site.

This historical overview can do no more than give an idea of the diversity that is Maling. Don't be surprised if your favourite pattern has not been mentioned or illustrated.

Click on the timeline below to find out about a particular period.

If you don't know where to start, or don't want to read the entire history, there is a verbal summary of the pages and key topics in the history index.


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