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  • Issue 1 - December 1998   Our first collectors' day and a surprise discovery not a stone's throw from the pottery.
  • Issue 2 - March 1999   The Coronet mark is explained and Marion Robinson continues her "Life of a Pottery Girl". (Apologies for the typo - Marion started at the factory in 1948, not 1928).
  • Issue 3 - June 1999   Collectors' day 2 and an attempt to recreate the 1898 panoramic view of the pottery site shown in TMOE.
  • Issue 4 - September 1999   Informtion about designer Charles Miguet and the start of a series on the Keiller connection.
  • Issue 5 - December 1999   A birthday tribute to Miss Theo Maling and quizzes to see how well you know your "Willow" and "Gaudy Welsh".
  • Issue 6 - March 2000   We discover Maling moulds lost since the 1960s, but the Decorating Department meets its end.
  • Issue 7 - June 2000   Another collectors' day. White van men bring the moulds home and the Coracle mark is explained
  • Issue 8 - September 2000   The quest for missing vase shapes. Maling's first pottery at North Hylton is explored.
  • Issue 9 - December 2000   Collectors' day 4 and the start of a series on Maling royal commemorative wares.
  • Issue 10 - March 2001   Items recovered from the pottery's pattern archive and part 1 of a serialisation of "The Genii of the Teacup".
  • Issue 11 - June 2001   Yet another collectors' day and the possibility that Maling may have had a connection with "Thunderbirds".
  • Issue 12 - September 2001   More puzzling pieces from the pattern archive and the start of our "A to Z of Maling".
  • Issue 13 - December 2001   Collectors' day 6 and some interesting finds, including Gaudy Welsh, Iris plates and transfers produced for WW2 wares.
  • Issue 14 - March 2002   In memoriam: paintress Margaret Robinson and engraver John Hughes. Peggie Boustead recalls her life working "up the yard".
  • Issue 15 - June 2002   We begin filming of our video (now free to view or download) "Maling Memories". A Maling copper engraving plate tempts us into an experiment.
  • Issue 16 - September 2002   A multiplicity of "Galleon" patterns and a selection of retailers' marks for you to ponder on.
  • Issue 17 - December 2002   Charlie Allen recalls his time running a pottery on the Maling site. The video/DVD is ready!
  • Issue 18 - March 2003  We make an appearance on the BBC's "Flog It!". Former General Manager Les Dixon begins a series on the manfacturing process.
  • Issue 19 - June 2003   The footballing and operatic career of LE Boullemier. A "missing" vase turns up.
  • Issue 20 - September 2003  Beginning of a series of articles marking the 75th anniversary of the NE Coast Exhibition.
  • Issue 21 - December 2003  Collectors' day 8 and a quiz based on past newsletters to test your knowledge of Maling.
  • Issue 22 - March 2004  Long used for storage, the factory showroom is cleared. Plus Norman Carling's post-Maling career.
  • Issue 23 - June 2004  A visit to what remains of the Ouseburn Bridge pottery. More Carling curiosities.
  • Issue 24 - September 2004  CT Maling's passion for hunting leads to the production of the "Fox Head" stirrup cup. Plus a lesson in interpreting pattern numbers.
  • Issue 25 - December 2004  In memoriam: Peggie Boustead. Collectors' day 9 turns up interesting bits of Maling family histoy.
  • Issue 26 - March 2005  A rare photograph of Annie Fenton, known as the "eye" paintress (because of her mark). Another "missing" vase turns up.
  • Issue 27 - June 2005  Memories of Maling paintress Lily Graham.
  • Issue 28 - September 2005  The story of "Poor Richard" mugs. Some musings on pattern variations.
  • Issue 29 - December 2005  Collectors' day 10 fills in the history of the Boullemier family. North Hylton pottery - then and now.
  • Issue 30 - March 2006  The Theo Maling/Peggy Bullock partnership. A selection of advertisements and more on LEB's soccer career. (Apologies: the date for LEB's FA Cup appearance should be 1898 not 1928.)
  • Issue 31 - June 2006  In memoriam: Cecil Parker. Maling's connection with Holyrood glass. LEB as opera singer.
  • Issue 32 - September 2006  RC Bell's book "Tyneside Pottery" provides many insights. The true story of "Willow" pattern.
  • Issue 33 - December 2006  A selection of mysteries - some solved, some not.
  • Issue 34 - March 2007  Who is CT Maling? There were four of them involved with the pottery. A Victorian puzzle solved.
  • Issue 35 - June 2007  The first Maling exhibition in 1980. A rare signed piece by designer HC Toft.
  • Issue 36 - September 2007  Billy Milsom - saggar maker's bottom knocker. Imaginative interpretations of patterns don't hold up.
  • Issue 37 - December 2007  Collectors' day 11. Pottery memories from our Patron Roger Allan.
  • Issue 38 - March 2008  The 1931 Historical Pageant. Shaving mugs and a "Silver" kitchen jar.
  • Issue 39 - June 2008  The Norman Carling heritage. Learn to identify Maling handle shapes.
  • Issue 40 - September 2008  In memoriam: Les Dixon. The "A to Z" of Maling is revisited.
  • Issue 41 - December 2008  Beginning of a series of articles on the connection between Maling and Ringtons tea.
  • Issue 42 - March 2009  Some thoughts on "Denon's Egypt". A rare potters' "recipe book" rediscovered.
  • Issue 43 - June 2009  Musings on the Maling castle mark. More on "Denon's Egypt".
  • Issue 44 - September 2009  The "Egyptian Princess" poses a puzzle. More Maling family history.

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